Saturday , 25 May 2024

About Faces in the Crowd

That’s Me, Right There…

Faces in the Crowd is way to give voices to the people, animals, things, and places among the 10 zillion digital photos we all have. For right now, this is just a concept site. If enough people enjoy it, we can amp up the social features, offer prizes, do ratings, you name it.

[su_service title=”Here’s the idea” icon=”icon: lightbulb-o” icon_color=”#F88C00″ size=”50″]Maybe you had a party or a family reunion where you take a group picture. Use Faces in the Crowd to upload the picture and add funny captions around peoples’ faces, etc. If it’s a wedding or anniversary, add your congratulations.”

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For larger crowds, like those at a concert, Faces in the Crowd is kind of like “Where’s Waldo” but with real people adding a comment near the image of someone they know (or don’t know). For example, how many pictures have you taken at a theme park? In those photos are families from Germany, a man from Wisconsin and 100+ other people from all over the world you don’t know. If they’re in your photo, how many photos are you in? Imagine seeing yourself in a photo and being able to add a note that says, “That’s me, right there!” That’s what Faces in the Crowd is about.[/su_service] [su_service title=”Why do I need an account?” icon=”icon: comments-o” icon_color=”#F88C00″ size=”50″]The account gives you the ability to upload photos. It also gives you the ability to add sticky notes to photos, sometimes even to photos from other users. We don’t sell any info and there is no cost so the details you give should just be stuff people know anyway. Once you create an account, you may see little badge icons in your profile. Those are based on the number of posts or comments you make.[/su_service]